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**  FILE  **  This is a 1938 file photo of  Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Gestapo, the German secret police. If the World War II files at Britain's National Archives can't be trusted, what documents can? That is the point being made by eight leading British historians who signed an open letter Tuesday seeking a public report on the discovery of 29 forged World War II documents placed surreptiously in the National Archives since 1999.  The phony documents allege, among other things, that British wartime leader Winston Churchill ordered the assassination of Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler, as assertion rejected by mainstream historians because there is no evidence, except the faked papers, to back it up. (AP Photo, File) 4

O cão de guarda de Hitler

Diversas características podem ser associadas à figura de Heinrich Himmler: o Reichsführer1Título da SS que, após 1934, tornou-se a sua patente mais alta. da SS era conhecido por vários adjetivos, como soldado frustrado, mimado, agrônomo subalterno, incapaz de...